The WordPress theme use in your site is Called Divi. It’s super flexible but will take a little practice to get used to it. The more you work with it, the more comfortable you’ll be when editing text, adding images, etc.

You can access specific training videos and documentation on the different modules and options by going to:
• Appearance on the left hand side
• then in the pop up window go to Divi Training (second to last link from the bottom).
• Click on that link and you now have easy access to all the videos. I suggest you start with first item and work you way down as needed.

To access your practice page go to:
• Pages/All pages on the left handside and then click on your Practice Page.
• Edit with Divi Visual Builder and start building.

One caveat to working with websites. Image size matters.
• Images should be resized to the lowest file size as possible without losing clarity.
• Free online image editing software: Resource: takes the guess work out. Try it out.
• For in page items, images should be between 5kb – 30kb and at 72dpi. Below is a link the explains the best way to use images in your website.

• Click the link to learn more about working with images with Divi

The Ultimate Guide to Using Images within Divi

If you find yourself wanting to better understand WordPress or are wanting some more in-depth tutorials, I recommend this site: You can also google your questions on YouTube and often finds hundreds or walk-thru videos. But feel free to email me with any issues or questions you may need.